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A Rowdy Bear Start - Glamping in North Carolina

Leslie and I chose to build the Rowdy Bear after I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in December of 2020. We had money saved up and we knew we wanted to invest in something, but we were having trouble deciding. After I was diagnosed with Cancer, the decision came down to what can we do now and building a small off grid glamping cabin on a small plot of land owned was the answer. We believed we could get the glamping cabin up and going in a fairly short period of time and once the off grid cabin was built, we would have a place to rent out and a place that we could enjoy as well. It seemed straight forward, but like everything else, there were challenges along the way.

Leslie and I love the outdoors, camping, mountain towns, and traveling, all of which were major inspirations for building the Rowdy Bear. Additionally, when we were making our decision to build Rowdy Bear, everyone was moving towards doing more outdoors, because of Covid. It got to the point where we had a difficult time finding campgrounds with openings to park our little Pop-up Camper. Ultimately, we believed people were looking for experiences, not just a place to stay. Everyone knows what it is like to stay in a house, we have all experienced that. How often do we stay somewhere where we have the primary things we need, but everything is done in a way? How often do we get to seclude ourselves from pretty much everything and just live in the moment? How often do we get to open a 12 ft door and bring the outside right into our living space? These are the things that Rowdy Bear offers.

The Rowdy Bear Blog will cover our journey up to this point and then what we experience and learn as we move forward with our company, OG Cabins, LLC. We will dive into how we purchased land, how we decided on a design, how we found someone to build the off grid cabin, what we did not expect, and what we have learned. As we progress and start build new cabins, we will blog about those experiences as well.

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