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Town River


Currahee Brewing Company - Franklin, NC - Dog Friendly

When visiting the Rowdy Bear and bringing our beloved Fur Children (Opie, Chloe, and Oreo), Currahee Brewing is a must do! The combination of the beer, people, events, and atmosphere is what keeps us coming back.

Currahee describes itself as being a Purveyor of delicious European-influenced ales and lagers. From our experience, we have to agree. Currahee's menu includes year-round brews such as the Frankenstark, the Lucky Scars IPA line, and the Berliner Weiss. Additionally, Currahee also has seasonal releases and limited releases that are always a pleasure to try. Regardless of what type of beer you typically like, what we enjoy about Currahee's beer selection is the flavors are not extreme, which allows the different types of beer to be enjoyed by many.

In addition to great beer, Currahee is in a great location as well. The Little Tennessee River runs through downtown Franklin, right next to Currahee. There are multiple tables and chairs situated along the river bank for guest to enjoy and there is also a stage set up where bands play on the weekends. There are also other events scheduled throughout the week and the best way to see what is coming up is to visit Currahee's Facebook page (

The food trucks found in both Franklin and Bryson City are great and worth checking out. Currahee has teamed up with Redneck Ricky's Food Truck to provide customers with delicious BBQ options. We often order a few appetizers while we sit and enjoy the river, beer, and the day in general. We have never been disappointed.

In all, Currahee is a great place to spend time during your visit to Franklin and The Great Smoky Mountains. If you decide to stop by, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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